‘Walking Dead’ Star Lauren Cohan Joins Mark Walhberg in ‘Mile 22’
“The Walking Dead” star Lauren Cohan, Iko

Global Road Unveils First Still, Full Cast on ‘Lying and Stealing’
Global Road Entertainment (formerly IM Global) has

Lionsgate set a release date for sci-fi crime thriller KIN
Lionsgate dated Kin, the crime thriller from directors

Sport drama BORG / MCENROE welcomed with good reviews from critics and public
After its world premiere at Toronto film festival earlier this

Welcome to A COMPANY , one of the leading film licensing companies and content providers for Central and Eastern Europe, including the CIS and Vietnam.


A COMPANY has established itself as a successful and respected international distribution company, specialized in high-profile quality feature films from the US and Western Europe. Through a wide network of distribution partners, A COMPANY handles all the following rights: Theatrical, Home Entertainment, Television and Video-On-Demand.

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